Our Background

September 28, 2011 at 22:50

Pacific Polygraph

Pacific Polygraph Services Limited was incorporated in the Province of British Columbia in February, 1994. The precedent Companies were Weller Polygraph Services Ltd 1974 to 1978 and Loomis Polygraph Services Ltd 1978 to 1994. Though generally service is provided within British Columbia examinations have been conducted in other Provinces and clients have been examined who were resident in the United States of America and some European countries.

Why Choose Pacific Polygraph Services

Polygraph examinations vary from client to client depending on the complexity of the case and the number of issues to be resolved. Just as the examinations differ, so do the qualifications of the polygraph examiner.

Like any profession, it is imperative that the professional keep up-to-date with the latest in technological advancements in the industry. Before entering into an agreement with a polygraph examiner, a wise consumer should ask the following questions regarding the background and professional affiliations of their Examiner:

  • When and where was the professional trained?
  • What professional organizations do they belong to?
  • How often do they attend professional development training?
  • When and where did they attend their last professional development course?
  • What type of environment do they administer their examinations in?

Our Examiners.

John I. Weller was a member of the Canadian Military – Canadian Intelligence Corps and was trained at the US Army Military Police School, Polygraph Committee, Fort Gordon, Georgia in 1973. He has maintained his expertise with ongoing training since then and has conducted several thousand polygraph examinations during his career as a practitioner of the Psychological Detection of Deception (PDD) examination. A complete curriculum vitae will be supplied upon request.

Contact Mr. John Weller at info@pacificpolygraphservices.com

Fiona Weller retired in 2006 from the Vancouver Police Department after 32 years of service. She has been trained at the Backster School of Lie Detection, San Diego, California. This is one of the premier schools in the United States of America who have had as their students Police Officers from the United States, Europe and Asia, academics and members of private industry. The principal, Mr Cleve Backster, is the school founder and director and is considered to be the pre-eminent living authority on polygraph technique.

Contact Ms. Fiona Weller at fweller@pacificpolygraphservices.com