Polygraph Services

September 30, 2011 at 18:16

Pacific Polygraph

Pacific Polygraph Provides Resources for:

  • Legal Practitioners
  • Insurance Industry
  • Private Investigators
  • Private and public businesses
  • Family and marriage counselors
  • Members of the public
  • Post conviction Sexual Offender Management

Pacific Polygraph Services also provides Statement Analysis designed to determine whether a written statement has those elements that suggest truth or deception. This can be used to reduce the number of suspects in any loss.

Single Issue Testing

Designed to be determine the truth with respect to a single issue, e.g. ‘did you steal?”. “did you lie?”, etc.

Background Screening

To determine whether a prospective employee or a candidate for promotion has been honest in completing their application and in any statements made. This system is used extensively by police departments .

Periodic Testing

To ensure that persons in a position of trust have not abused the confidence placed in them.

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing

To establish whether the individual has admitted to the fullest extent their past deviant behaviour and to determine whether they are now in breach of the terms of their parole or probation. A common practice in some States of the United States of America.

Conducted as a team with the individual’s Parole/Probation officer and clinical Psychiatrist/Psychologist.